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Clarkston Town has issued a Request for Bid for converting the current Civic Center into the Municipality and Civic Center Building.

Bids are due by October 28, 2022. The following engineering drawings provide specific detail for the work to be performed: Town Hall Addition Remodel, Engineering Calculations, and Lighting Compliance.

Click here for information on voting in the November 8th General Election. For information for and against Proposition 1 on the ballot (Open Space), click here.

The Clarkston Town Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on November 14th on the revised GENERAL PLAN and revised ANNEXATION PLAN. Click here for more information.

The Clarkston Town Council would like to remind citizens that the Clarkston Town Gravel Pit is closed to public use. The gate is locked and “No Trespassing” signs have been posted. There has been garbage, branches, trees, scrap wood and building materials and other refuse dumped in the gravel pit and surrounding areas. The gravel pit is not a landfill, and anyone found in violation of trespassing will be turned over to Law Enforcement.

Clarkston Town is recruiting applicants for the position of part-time public works person. Click here for more information.


HEAT (Home Energy Assistance Target) is designed to help low-income households with energy and water costs. Click here for information on the program. You may also call 211 about HEAT.

Clarkston Town Newsletter

The newsletter is now available on the website.

2021 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Click here for the 2021 Annual Drinking Water Report on the quality of the drinking water and the services Clarkston Town provides.

State Auditor Hotline

If you have concerns about potentially improper governmental activities, go to the State Auditor Hotline or call (801) 538-9777 to file a report.

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