Gravel Pit Closed to Public Use

The Clarkston Town Council would like to remind citizens that the Clarkston Town Gravel Pit is closed to public use. The gate is locked and “No Trespassing” signs have been posted. There has been garbage, branches, trees, scrap wood and building materials and other refuse dumped in the gravel pit and surrounding areas. The gravel pit is not a landfill, and anyone found in violation of trespassing will be turned over to Law Enforcement.

Green Waste Site has Moved

The green waste site located at 300 South Main effective May 5th. Click HERE for more information.


The newsletter is available as an Adobe PDF; click here to download the free Adobe Reader.


Clarkston bills monthly for culinary water, garbage & recycling, and emergency dispatch. Please click here for more information. There is no sewer provided; you are responsible for installing and maintaining a septic tank system.

Business License

Clarkston issues business licenses for new and temporary (such as peddlers, solicitors, and transient merchants) businesses. Licenses must be renewed each year by March 31st. After March 31, a penalty of $50.00 will be assessed.

Click here to download the application. Here is a document with information for new businesses that describes the process for business licensing. There is a $15.00 administration fee.

Dog License

Clarkston requires that all dogs inside town limits be licensed with the town. Click here for the license form. Dog licenses need to be renewed each year by the last day of February. Beginning March 1st, fees will double.

Community Center

The Community Center may be rented to Clarkston residents and to groups that include Clarkston residents. Click here for the rental application, rules, and regulations.


The current zoning map for Clarkston Town is found here.

Any structure placed or built that is 50 square feet or larger must first obtain a permit. Solar panels also require a permit.

The process for submitting a building permit application is found in this document.


The Clarkston Cemetery is located at 600 N 300 E. Please be sure to fill out the forms and return to the town office. The following fees apply:

  • Grave sale, resident: $350
  • Grave sale, nonresident: $950
  • Cremation grave sale, resident: $175
  • Cremation grave sale, nonresident: $475
  • Perpetual care: $50